Debbie Burden

"When I dance, I enter the world of beauty, dreams and infinite possibilities. Discover and release your inner dancer! Dance will transform your life like it did mine!"


Diana Sarkine

"I feel taking dance lessons is an investment in my health, both physically and mentally. I admire the instructors for their talent and patience. Dance is so much better than a gym membership."


Kurt Springer

"2 things that I like about 5 Star: 1) Dancing here is extremely fun. Also, no matter how the day has gone until I get to dance and regardless of how well my understanding of today's lesson goes, I walk out feeling better. 2) Dancing at 5 Star has also helped me step outside my comfort zone and find not only new dance opportunities but new things outside of dance to experience." 


Julianne Kowalski

"Dancing is the best way to spend all your free time. It's good for your physical and social health."

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Frank Epperson

"Five Star rocks! I love dancing because of the people I meet and it keeps me active."

Frank Edited

Carol Young

"Dancing has changed my life! The instructors at Five Star Dance Studios are kind, encouraging, and professional. Dancing lifts you physically, mentally, and emotionally. I look forward to each lesson. There are daily group lessons and a weekly dance party. These let you meet other people - which is a bonus! If the gym bores you, dancing is a perfect option. You'll go far if you dance at Five Star!"


Betsy DuSold

"I love dancing at Five Star! The instructors are fabulous and make learning fun. They work hard to tailor the programs to what each student is looking for - and the lessons, groups and parties help everyone to have fun together!"


Erin Koester

"My husband and I take dance to learn something new as a couple and to have a regular date night. Also with four children and weddings in their future, we want to be able to look like we know a little on the dance floor. It is just fun to learn and be active in a new way."

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Justin Davis

"In just a year and a half, I went from not knowing anything about dancing AT ALL to being able to jump in anywhere to almost any dance. The instructors are both competent and personable. My favorite part is the wonderful community of students that are so welcoming and encouraging."


Tracy Benson

"I like the challenges that dancing provides. I enjoy meeting the many people that come to the dance studio and learning from various instructors."


Jesse Spurling

"Dancing is amazing for your soul. It builds strength in your mind and your body. I look forward to my next lesson or the next group class before I can make it out of the studio from the lesson I just had. It's contagious! The instructors at Five Star are first class. No matter what skill level you are at, they have the training to show you the joy of dancing. I have learned so much and I can't wait to continue my growth and knowledge of ballroom dancing. Hard work, great fun, beautiful people, and a lifetime of memories!"


Karen Duckworth

"I absolutely love this place! From the owners to all of the staff. I have met so many amazing people and made so many amazing people and made so many friends through Five Star. Dancing has always been out of my comfort zone and slowly but surely I'm facing my fear of dancing through this amazing place!"


Tammy Bennett

"We wanted to find a weekly activity we could do together for a date night. After a quick search we discovered Five Star and we are so thankful! We are learning a new hobby, meeting new friends, and even getting some bonus calorie burn while dancing! Thank you, Five Star!"

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Margo LaFollette

"I came to Five Star in 2011 as a guest of my sister. After my initial lessons, I was hooked! I had so much fun! The instructors are so patient and dedicated. I'm still here after 8 years and have lost weight, gained muscle tone and finally achieved confidence! I never thought I could dance but now I know I can. Dancing makes me feel good! I have gained many friends and being here is like being with family. It is great exercise and stress relief... and so much fun!"



I started at Five Star to keep my wife happy, but have been enjoying it too!  The Instructors have been great and I feel like they understand how to work with new students."

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Cindy McVay

"I've been dancing at Five Star for almost five years. The instructors have kept me going during two of the most stressful years of my life, not just with dancing, but the love and compassion shown by everyone there."


Porsche Wathen

"Dancing with Five Star Dance Studios is an absolute gift and joy! I joined on a whim, and here I am two years later, still enjoying it as much as my first day! No more boring nights in for me!"



"Five Star is a great outlet to express myself and unwind after work! Rarely these days do you find a welcoming, warm, accepting and lighthearted atmosphere, but you'll definitely experience that here at Five Star!"

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Charles LaFollette

"I enjoy knowing and being with the friends that I've found here at Five Star Dance Studios. I've reconnected with old friends and met new ones and they've all been great!"


Linda Carney

"I absolutely love dancing at Five Star Dance Studios. I adore the instructors (all of them!), they are always friendly, helpful, upbeat and caring. I feel that dancing is helping to keep the clock running slower. I can't say enough about how fun and fulfilling dance is."